What is level 2 equivalent to?

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TET Team 24 November 2023

When it comes to Level 2 certifications, The Exam Tutor has you covered. We teach everything from GCSE maths to Level 2 English functional abilities. Let’s delve into the realm of Level 2 credentials in this post, learning more about them and providing a definitive solution to the common question: what is Level 2 equal to?

Level 2 certifications are important because they provide students with something of a middle ground in our educational system. Let’s examine Level 2 qualifications and their role in the UK education system.


What is Level 2 equivalent to?

The Regulated qualifications Framework (RQF) in the UK includes Level 2 credentials, providing a consistent means of gauging the demands and complexity associated with different qualifications. Level 2 is a moderate level of knowledge, competence, and skills that falls between Level 1 and Level 3. Functional skills, GCSE Equivalencies, BTECs, and GCSEs are a few examples of Level 2 equivalents. While GCSEs are a well-known example of a Level 2 qualification, companies and universities also consider functional skills Level 2, which are equivalent to a grade C or Level 4 in GCSEs.


Important Features of Level 2

A wide range of academic and practical subjects are covered in Level 2 certificates. A* through C (now level 4-9) are your academic GCSE marks, and there are vocational certifications that provide you with practical, industry-specific skills.

Here, GCSEs are the main focus and include a wide range of disciplines including mathematics, English, science, languages, and the humanities. Grades 4 through 9 indicate that you have successfully finished a Level 2 certification. Students often take these examinations when their secondary education comes to an end.

On the other hand, there is also a wide array of vocational credentials, such as NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) and BTECs (Business and Technology Education Council), which are specifically created to provide students the particular knowledge and abilities required for a particular profession or job.


Getting ready for Level 3

A-levels, apprenticeships, and advanced vocational credentials are examples of Level 3 courses that are frequently preceded by Level 2 qualifications. Reaching Level 2 indicates that you have a strong basis, preparing you for increasingly difficult academic and professional endeavours.


What does Level 2 signify in the context of education in the United Kingdom?

Finishing Level 2 equates to finishing high school and building the foundation for further study. Although your academic and educational journey is not over, you will have acquired the necessary information and abilities to pursue Level 3 and beyond. The functional skills Level 2 in maths and English is a notable Level 2 equivalency and is a well-liked option for students every year.

Visit the government website for a comprehensive list and explanation of the various qualification levels in the UK.

GCSEs or functional skills, The Exam Tutor is here to guide you through the world of Level 2 and its related certificates. Have questions? Speak with our tuition staff right now.

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