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Do you need a GCSE Biology Equivalency tutor? The Exam Tutor is here to help. Our online Biology Equivalency lessons are delivered by highly qualified, experienced and DBS checked teachers with a proven track record of exam success.

  • Qualified, DBS checked, and highly experienced GCSE Science tutors
  • Targeted group tuition to boost Equivalency exam results
  • All 1-2-1 tuition includes free GCSE Science learning material

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What is GCSE Equivalency Testing?

GCSE Equivalency testing provides an alternative route for individuals who may not have acquired traditional GCSE qualifications in core subjects like Maths, English, and Science, but wish to change career paths. These tests, aligned with the UK curriculum, allow individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in these subjects without having to complete the full GCSE course. For this reason, it is a much more flexible and convenient way to go into professions such as teaching, policing and nursing. For more information on how to obtain your GCSE Biology Equivalency qualification, please book a free consultation with one of out exam experts.

  • Biology Equivalency qualifications will help you get into Teaching, Nursing, & Other Courses

  • Prove your Biology proficiency without committing to the full GCSE coursework duration

  • Navigate your equivalency journey by booking in for a free consultation with a seasoned exam specialist

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Why choose us as your GCSE Equivalency Biology Tutor?

Understanding the pivotal role of exam outcomes in moulding one’s future, we’ve tailored our tuition service to align seamlessly with your study requirements.


Extra Learning Support Available

Feel like you need even more help? All 1-2-1 GCSE Equivalency Biology tuition comes with special discounts on market leading premium online learning platforms.


Discounted Qualifications

Our team of exam experts provides free education consultancy on your future, as well as being able to provide discounts on selected online GCSE Biology exams, qualifications, and courses.


Tailored Support Sessions

Each of our three seminars are designed cater to every step of your learning path. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re at the onset of your revision, or heading into the final push –  we have a session crafted to assist you.


Quality Guarantee

Unhappy with how it went? We promise your money back on your first GCSE Equivalency Biology lesson if you aren’t satisfied with our service.

Take the first step to exam success today.

If you feel like you may need help finding the perfect fit for you, call an exam specialist or chat online. Call 020 4576 8519

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Our Products & Services

Whatever you may need in the build up to your Biology Equivalency exam, our team of exam experts will find the perfect fit for your revision needs,

1-to-1 Tuition £30 / £50
Available as low as £30 per lesson
Focused learning tailored to your exam
Delivered by qualified UK Science teachers
DBS checked and qualified tutors
Personalised Learning Pathway
A free consultation with one of our Exam Experts
A mixture of 1-2-1 and Group Tuition
A full tuition package tailored to your exam needs
Online course material, exam booking services, marking services and more
Group Tuition £10 /£20
Available as low as £10 per lesson
Groups of 5-10 students of similar abilities
Delivered by qualified UK Science teachers
Focus sessions chosen by our exam experts to pass your Exam

How do we guarantee quality in your GCSE Equivalency Biology Tutor?

Our team of GCSE Equivalency Biology tutors are not only DBS-checked but also come with qualifications from top UK Universities, and a wealth of expertise in their subject field. Drawing from over a decade of industry experience, our examination specialists handpick a tutor that aligns with your specific needs leading up to the Science Equivalency test. Be it grasping new concepts, assessing your current proficiency, or honing exam-day tactics, our Equivalency mentors are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. Committed to bolstering your academic results, our tutors prioritise your success. And if you feel the session hasn’t met your expectations, that lesson is on us!

  • Highly qualified, experienced and DBS checked Biology Equivalency tutors

  • All of our lessons are focused towards improving grades and passing your Biology exam.

  • Money back guarantee if you feel as though our tutor didn't help you

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What are your GCSE Equivalency tuition options?

There are three primary options available for Biology exam online tuition, catering to diverse learning styles. Recognising that everyone learns differently, we’ve crafted our services to resonate with these variances. For students who thrive with undivided attention and desire structured lessons on their chosen topics, our 1-2-1 tuition packages might be the perfect fit. However, if interactive learning appeals to you, where you can exchange ideas and discuss problems with peers preparing for the same exam, our group tuition could be a more economical choice. If neither of these options appeal to you, and you seek a blended service, our exam experts are on hand to customise a strategy for you during a complimentary education consultancy session, ensuring a bespoke learning journey. Regardless of your selection, rest assured that our top-notch, experienced, and DBS-checked tutors are at the helm.

  • Weekly 1-2-1 private sessions supplemented with a structured learning plan

  • Targeted group focus sessions of similar ability learners

  • A personalised learning pathway tailored to individual learning needs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Equivalency Testing

The GCSE Equivalency Tests encompass exams in subjects such as Maths, English, Science, and Biology, mirroring the UK curriculum. These tests offer students the flexibility to undertake an examination at any given point throughout the year

Our GCSE Equivalency Science tuition is a great way to prepare for your exam. We also partner with providers of online courses and exams for you to get these qualifications.

Our group sessions are split into exam groups, and then by student aspirations. We understand that students aim for level 4 or level 9 need to be placed together so that they can work together to reach their goals.

One of the options provided through personalised learning pathway is an exam booking service with course material included. If you would like to book a GCSE Equivalency Science exam, please give our line a ring.

The group lessons are delivered by 1 tutor, to between 5 and 10 learners. Learners are grouped by similar abilities, with similar topics they struggle with. Learners that take group sessions like the friendly atmosphere, and tend to learn from other students and build their own confidence through collaboration.

Yes! We appreciate that 1-1 tuition can be expensive, which is why we also provide group sessions to students at a much lower price.