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  1. Thank you so much to Laura for our 1:1 tutoring lessons! You are a delightful young woman with exceptional math knowledge, which has helped me greatly. I could not recommend a more perfect tutor.

  2. I had Beth to support me with my functional skills level 2 reading and she was amazing.
    She was able to explain to me where is was going wrong without it making me feel stupid.
    I had three 1 to 1 sessions with her in the lead up to my exam and I passed with incredible marks.

    Ami - Online Functional Skills Tuition (verified owner)
  3. I found the sessions really helpful. Joe broke all the different elements down and explained everything in a way that made it easier to understand. As well as this, he showed us shortcuts to help with remembering some of the tricky math formulas, which made it feel less daunting. I feel much more confident and ready to sit my exam now. Thank you Joe!

  4. Thank you so much Claudia you were fantastic with online one to one tuition. My son passed successfully after your sessions

  5. After failing my English lvl2 exam I’ve decided to get help. I booked 1to1 session with Claudia Hanser. We spoke about what I need and Claudia prepared loads of material to go through with me. I feel like we covered more than i expected and with Claudia’s help complicated things became clear. After our session Claudia sent me helpful links and the materials from our session so I could practice and prepare for my exam. It was really helpful. It definitely boosted my confidence but most of all Claudia’s tutoring help me pass my English exam. Highly recommended. Thank you.

    Moni31 - Online Functional Skills Tuition (verified owner)
  6. It’s worth it

    Millicent Jackson - Functional Skills Ultimate Bundle
  7. Beth Brown is an excellent English Tutor. She is very knowledgeable, responsive and helpful.

    Vinodini Krishnan Kutty - Online GCSE Equivalency Tuition (verified owner)
  8. Laura is a very good tutor

  9. Joe is a brilliant tutor. He is very patient and explains content very thoroughly.
    After only 4 lessons, I managed to pass the exam that I failed 4-5 times before.
    I don’t have enough words to thank you, Joe!

  10. Thank you Laura help , finally I get Maths pass 😬. She is very patience to teach me circle , 3D and some % question and she can make me feel the question easy 😁

    Matthew cheung - Online Functional Skills Tuition (verified owner)
  11. Thank you Laura help , finally I get Maths pass 😬. She is very patience to teach me circle , 3D and some % question and she can make me feel the question easy 😁

    Matthew cheung - Online Functional Skills Tuition (verified owner)
  12. Laura was brilliant from start to finish she accommodated me and took the time to explain everything ensuring I understood. She reassured me and showed me great technique that helped calmed me before the exam. I would definitely recommend Laura to friends and family. The pad functional skills course it’s self provided me with a good foundation but Laura really helped to clarify anything I was unsure off and helped me achieved my exam. Thanks again.

  13. My daughter is capable with Maths but always has had a confidence issue with it. Now that she is in Year 11, we thought it might be good to have a tutor just to help fill any gaps and make her believe in herself. Since starting with Laura, she has come on leaps and bounds and also has now said I can do this, which was unthinkable a few months ago

    Heather Braddy - Online GCSE Tuition
  14. Laura was fab as a tutor, the way I learned how to calculate percentage
    or doing division from my country
    was totally different to English ways. But Laura shows me a easy Way to do it. I have learnt a lot in just few weeks with her. Now I am able to help my children with their homework it’s all thanks to you Laura.

  15. My son has found this Math tution really helpful

  16. I had Laura as my tutor and I cannot praise or thank her enough for her lessons.

    I am a 34 year old woman with ADHD, dyslexia and dyscalcula.

    I had failed my GCSE maths over 20 years ago , failed 4 times in the last year trying to get a pass for work.

    I had online lessons with Laura and I cannot praise her enough. Her style of teaching and understanding is phenomenal. I had various other online tutors and honestly felt like I was getting nowhere and I was emotionally and mentally done with maths.

    When Laura tutored me it was almost like a lightbulb moment where I got it! I finally passed my maths in December and I am still buzzing from it.

    Anyone who is struggling or needs help with maths I would recommend Laura in a heartbeat. I have told all of my friends and colleagues and even other colleagues who now use Laura have said exactly the same thing.

    Thank you for everything!

  17. Highly recommended

  18. Claudia is lovely tutor, very supportive to my daughter the last 2 weeks. My daughter is engaging in her lessons, which are also fun. I am really pleased we have found Claudia, she also seems to get how my daughter likes to learn, which is a massive bonus.

    Becky Hadlington - Online Functional Skills Tuition (verified owner)
  19. brilliant makes it very easy to understand. would recommend to everyone to book

    lauren - Online GCSE Equivalency Tuition (verified owner)
  20. The lessons I had with Claudia was worthwhile. I learnt so much in such a short space of time knowing that my exam was just a week away . Claudia provided me with a lot of resources which was very helpful and her method of teaching was excellent . I am delighted to say I passed my reading exam and would highly recommend Claudia if you need help in taking or retaking your exam. Thank you Claudia!

  21. My daughter has recently been having Claudia for English Level 1 tuition. Claudia is really nice, patient and my daughter seems to engage in the 1 hour lesson. I am pleased I gave The Exam Tutor a try and Claudia is a great tutor, very supportive of my daughters needs.

    Claudia Haner - Online Functional Skills Tuition (verified owner)
  22. Beth is very approachable and flexible. From my first tuition, I could see her professionalism. I would definitely recommend her if you need confidence in taking or retaking your exam. Thank you Beth!

  23. My sons were nervous about there pass functions English exam but there tutor Beth Brown was very nice. She put them both at ease. One of my son’s is very sensitive and easily discouraged. Her way of teaching filled him with such great confidence he came out of his exam today bouncing. Thanks again Beth

  24. My son was nervous about his passiThanks to be

  25. Laura is fab! I was nervous about how my son would get on with being tutored online but Laura made him feel at ease immediately and he is getting loads out of the sessions! Thank you!!

    Samantha Jennings - Functional Skills Ultimate Bundle
  26. I had so far only few lessons with Claudia, she is something I needed to guide me through. Does go beyond and above to support me. From the very first lesson with Claudia I feel so confident, she exsplains all very clear , topics on what I was going wrong. Before our first lesson she take her time to communicate with me preparing for our first go. She is always happy to give you feedback and extra support in her own time. On very last minute due to underseen circumstances I had to cancel my lesson, knowing that it may affect Claudia to have instead somebody ells, she was very kind and understanding. For Functional Skills definitely recommend Caudia as being the one you need to pass.

  27. I failed my reading exam 4 TIMES until I got Claudia to help me. I can honestly say she helped me so much and explained everything on a level that I understood where I was going wrong. Thank you Claudia without your help I wouldn’t have passed. You’re the best

  28. Extremely good lessons and tutor was extremely good and described in detail how to work out problem questions overall excellent

    Francelia Lawrence - Functional Skills Ultimate Bundle
  29. Claudia Hanser have been absolutely amazing. Her approach was very calm and understanding, she has assure me that everything will be fine. And even though I have not pass my second time her tutorials have made me remember lots. Thanks to her I have passed my exam. Thank you Claudia.

  30. Claudia was excellent and able to tailor the tuition for my needs

  31. I had Beth to help me with my English. And she was excellent! She helped me so much that I wouldn’t have been able to pass my English exam without her. She has a real passion for English and it shows in her tutor sessions. She takes her time with you and gives you feedback throughout the session. I believe she is a real credit to the team. I would rate Beth 5 stars!

  32. Beth was very knowledgeable and helpful she also personalised my learning to what I needed to focused on order to pass my English exam. I would definitely rate a 10 out of 10 for the quality of teaching I received from Beth she is very patient and really does go above and beyond in helping her students. She really did boost my confidence and I am currently looking to retake my English soon. I am very positive with the skills and the tuition she has given me I will my pass my exam.

  33. The tutorial was excellent, I was able to learn more clearly and come to the knowledge and understanding of what I as going wrong.

    Zanele Evangeleen Dingembira - Online Functional Skills Tuition
  34. Laura is a fantastic tutor. I have moderate brain damage which affects my processing skills, especially with my numeracy abilities. Laura has accommodated for my needs in an exceptional manner. She uses imaginative and humorous ways to help me remember strategies and mathematical laws. She is very attentive to details and can see if I am struggling with anything. Even when I can’t articulate exactly what it is I am struggling to understand, she often identifies the issue. She is helping me obtain my teaching status, which is an important career goal for me. My availability has been a bit on and off due to family illnesses and financial situations but she has been very calm and understanding. Moreover, she is a very warm, relaxed and kind person.

  35. I’ve been having lessons with Laura for a few months, she makes things so easy to understand and is patient when I don’t understand things. She is a great tutor.

  36. I would just like to express my gratitude to Laura the online exam tutor. Laura is an absolute gem of a find. My daughter interacted exceptionally well with Laura who motivated her through every one hour online session. I fully empathise that maths is not the easiest subject to grasp for many students hoping to obtain their desired qualification. However, Laura excels with her communication and listening skills with every individual student in a unique way that permitted the group to work exceptionally well together. Initially, before my daughter interacted with Laura, she was always downhearted about understanding the concept of the mathematical question. However, this quickly changed when she started to engage with Laura as she would always understand the questions after the online sessions.

    Hats off to Laura the exam tutor because I do thoroughly do believe you strive to ascertain excellent service standards by providing the “Best seat in the Universe” for each individual student.

    Huge thank you once again.

    God bless.
    Students Mother

  37. My son worked closely with Laura for two months to prep him and get him ready for his exam. She was fantastic at supporting his learning journey and getting him exam ready. We are grateful, he past his Maths exam and was delighted.

  38. Laura was approachable and flexible. She made learning easy and enjoyable.

  39. I would like to thank my tutor Laura Stott for providing me with great support and tuition on my maths journey. Laura was patient and understanding of my learning needs and she helped me not be afraid to study maths again!

  40. I have been working with Laura for the past few months and she has helped me to build my confidence. As a mature student it is sometimes difficult to be confident in your knowledge of the subject matter when it has been decades since maths was taught to you in a formal setting. Laura has taught me new and different ways of understanding maths. She is patient, calm and supportive in her approach. I would thoroughly recommend this service, but I won’t recommend Laura too much as I want her for myself. Seriously, this service is amazing and I encourage anyone who wants to pass their maths to use it.

  41. The tuition was very helpful.
    I just needed the extra boost before my exam and it turned out to be really beneficial.
    There was a lot to cram into the 1 hour sessions with lots of homework however the tutor was very supportive..

  42. I found the online maths group tuition sessions really helpful with Joe. He explained everything well and now I feel much more prepared for my exam!