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Do you need a English GCSE Equivalency tutor? The Exam Tutor is here for all your online equivalency exam tuition needs. All of our online English Equivalency lessons are delivered by highly qualified, experienced and DBS checked English tutors with a proven track record of exam success.

  • Qualified, DBS checked, and highly experienced tutors
  • Targeted tuition to boost Equivalency exam results
  • All 1-2-1 tuition includes free learning material

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What is GCSE English Equivalency Testing?

The GCSE Equivalency testing system is designed for those who need to achieve GCSE level grades in a short period of time. This method of knowledge testing is aligned with the standard GCSE curriculum, and is suitable for students who need to validate their English skills and comprehension without going through the traditional GCSE path, which only sits in-person exams twice a year. For students who may not have achieved conventional GCSE English qualifications, but want to change career paths, the Equivalency exam will allow them to do this online, in a much shorter period of time. To learn more about securing your English GCSE Equivalency, schedule a free consultation with one of our examination specialists.

  • GCSE English Equivalency qualifications can help you get into Teaching, Nursing, & Policing

  • Prove your English proficiency without committing to the full GCSE coursework duration

  • Book in for a free consultation with a seasoned exam specialist to navigate your equivalency journey

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Why choose us as your GCSE Equivalency tutors?

We know that exam results are crucial in shaping your future, that’s why our tuition service is designed to be the perfect fit for whatever your revision needs may be.


Discounted Qualifications

Our team of exam experts provides free education consultancy on your future, as well as discounts on selected online GCSE Equivalency exams, qualifications, and courses.


Extra Learning Material Available

Feel like you need even more help? All 1-2-1 GCSE Equivalency English tuition comes with special discounts on market leading premium online learning platforms.


Quality Guarantee

Unhappy with how it went? We promise your money back on your first GCSE Equivalency English lesson if you aren’t satisfied with our service.


Tailored Support Sessions

Each of our three seminars are designed cater to every step of your learning path. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re at the onset of your revision, or heading into the final push, we have a session crafted to assist you.

Our Products & Services

Our team of exam experts will find the perfect fit for your revision needs, whatever you may need in the build up to your GCSE Equivalency exam.

1-to-1 Tuition £40
Available as low as £40 per lesson
Focused learning tailored to your exam
Delivered by qualified UK English tutors
DBS checked and qualified tutors
Personalised Learning Pathway
A free consultation with one of our Exam Experts
A full tuition package tailored to your exam needs
Online course material, exam booking services, marking services and more

What are the benefits of online English tuition?

All of our online English Equivalency tutors use interactive whiteboards to collaborate, share questions, and progress through worksheets. Conducted through platforms like Google Meets, Zoom, or comparable video conferencing tools, our lessons provide live, real-time interaction right from your home’s convenience. This adaptability ensures our specialised English exam mentors are at your service whenever required. Moreover, our rates are more affordable than traditional in-person sessions, while maintaining the same high-quality instruction led by our experienced tutors.

  • Flexible booking slots

  • Lower price gaurantee

  • Calm and comfortable learning environment

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Not sure which option suits you the best?

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How do we guarantee quality in our English GCSE Equivalency tutors?

Each of our GCSE Equivalency tutors have undergone a DBS check and possesses both qualification and extensive expertise in their respective domains. With a decade-long background in the sector, our team of exam specialists will match you with a tutor tailored to your unique requirements as you approach your GCSE Equivalency English test. Whether you’re looking to understand new subjects, evaluate current knowledge, or master on-the-day strategies, our Equivalency instructors will be with you throughout each phase. With your exam results in mind, our tutors primary objective is to elevate your academic performance. If, however, you disagree with these claims, the lesson’s on us!

  • Highly qualified, experienced and DBS checked English Equivalency tutors

  • All of our lessons are focused towards improving grades and passing your English exam.

  • Money back guarantee if you feel as though our tutor didn't help you

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What are your GCSE Equivalency tuition options?

We understand that individual learning styles are different, and we have designed our services to reflect this. If you are a student that learns better with focused attention, and want a structured lessons on topics of your choosing, our 1-2-1 tuition packages will be for you.

  • Weekly 1-2-1 private sessions supplemented with a structured learning plan

  • A personalised learning pathway tailored to individual learning needs

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Explore other subjects

We are happy to offer expert tuition in various other subjects. Please get in touch if you would like to book a free online consultancy with our exam experts to find out more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our tutors are qualified, DBS checked, and have lots of experience.

Yes! All of our tutors are DBS checked, qualified, and have lots of experience with GCSE maths tuition online.

Our GCSE online tuition lessons are delivered in real time, via google meets, zoom, or another video call software, with an interactive virtual whiteboard so you can show your working out to the tutor, and the tutor can use it to explain things. They are very similar to in-person lessons, just on the screen.