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Do you need a Functional Skills Maths tutor? The Exam Tutor provides online Functional Skills Maths tuition for your exam. All of our online Maths lessons are delivered by highly qualified, experienced and DBS checked teachers with a proven track record of exam success. Register now for a call back to discuss your tuition options.

  • Highly qualified, DBS checked, expert tutors
  • Both 1-2-1 and group tuition available
  • All qualification levels and exam boards

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Why choose us as your Functional Skill Maths tutor?

We recognise the significance of Functional Skills Maths exams in the context of your future. For this reason, our tutoring service is designed  suit your exam needs. No matter your aim—be it university, the NHS, teaching, or policing—we will support you throughout your journey to achieve these qualifications.


Discounted Exams & Qualifications

Receive discounts on certain online exams, qualifications, and courses when a group tuition is purchased.


Free Education Consultancy

Our Functional Skills Maths Experts will provide you free education consultancy, making sure you make the right steps to exam success.


Quality Guarantee

Unhappy with how it went? We promise your money back on your first Functional Skills Maths lesson if you weren’t happy with our service.


Tailored Support Sessions

Our group workshops cater to every phase of your learning journey. Whether you’re seeking a strong beginning or making the last refinements, one of our sessions is here to assist you.

Our Products & Services

Regardless of your requirements as you prepare for your Functional Skills Maths exam, our team of specialists will ensure the ideal match for you.

1-to-1 Tuition £40
Available as low as £30 per lesson
Focused learning tailored to your exam
Delivered by qualified UK Maths teachers
DBS checked and qualified tutors
Personalised Learning Pathway
A free consultation with one of our Exam Experts
A mixture of 1-2-1 and Group Tuition
A full tuition package tailored to your exam needs
Selected purchases come with discounts on Functional Skill Exams, online courses and qualifications
Group Tuition £25 /£20
Available as low as £20 per lesson
Groups of 5-10 students of similar abilities
Delivered by qualified UK Maths teachers
Focus sessions chosen by our exam experts to pass your Exam

Group Tuition designed for exam success.

With three key areas of focus, our group tuition sessions target students on every stage on the journey to exam success. Our group tuition will build knowledge, test understanding, and embed exam technique- ensuring that absolutely everything you need to know is included in the sessions.

Why choose online Functional Skill Maths tuition?

All our online Functional Skills Maths tutors employ interactive whiteboards for collaboration, addressing questions, and advancing through materials. Sessions are held online using platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, or comparable video call software, ensuring real-time, at-home convenience for all our learners. Our flexible approach ensures our exam tutors are both readily available whenever you, and more affordable than in-person sessions, without sacrificing on our high-quality standards.

  • Calm and comfortable learning environment

  • Highly flexibility

  • Cost-effective

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How do we keep the highest standards in our Functional Skills Maths tutors?

Each of our Functional Skills Maths tutors have been DBS checked, and are qualified and highly experienced in their subject areas. With over a decade of experience in the tutoring realm, our team of examination professionals will handpick a tutor for you based on your unique requirements as you approach your exam. Whether you’re diving into new topics, gauging your current understanding, or refining your exam strategy, our Functional Skills Maths educators are committed to guiding you at every juncture. Our primary goal is to enhance your performance, and to ensure you’re satisfied, if you don’t see progress after the inaugural session, that lesson is on us!

  • Highly qualified, experienced and DBS checked Functional Skills tutors

  • Both Level 1 and Level 2 Functional Skills tutors available

  • All of our lessons are targeted towards improving grades and passing your Maths exam.

One-to-one Tuition Group Tuition Get in Touch Call an Expert

Free Online Functional Skills Maths Tutor

Sign up today for complimentary access to our Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Group tutorial session – spots are limited!

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Online Functional Skills Maths Tutor - What are the options?

We offer three primary choices for online Functional Skills Maths tuition. Recognising that everyone has distinct learning methods, our exam tutors have tailored our offerings accordingly. Regardless of your selection, rest assured that our skilled, DBS-verified instructors will be at the helm, ensuring quality sessions every time.

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1-2-1 Tuition

If you learn better with individual attention, and want a structured lesson plan made with topics of your choosing, the 1-2-1 tuition package may be for you.

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Group Tuition

If you are a social learner, and enjoy sharing ideas with other students in your cohort – and also want to save a bit of cash – you are more suited to group tuition.

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Personalised Learning Pathway

If you want a mixture of both options, our exam experts will tailor your personal needs through our free education consultancy session, and create a personalised learning pathway. This option can include exam booking services, exam marking, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our tutors are DBS checked, and highly experienced in functional skill maths tuition

Yes! All of our tutors are DBS checked, qualified, and have lots of experience with GCSE maths tuition online.

If you’re located in North Yorkshire, we might have the option for face-to-face tuition. Reach out to us!

Our online GCSE tuition sessions are conducted live using platforms like Google Meets, Zoom, or other video conferencing tools, complemented by an interactive virtual whiteboard. This allows you to present your solutions to the tutor and facilitates the tutor’s explanations. It’s akin to having face-to-face lessons, but through a digital interface.

The group lessons are delivered by 1 tutor, to between 5 and 10 learners. Learners are grouped by similar abilities, with similar topics they struggle with. Learners that take group sessions like the friendly atmosphere, and tend to learn from other students and build their own confidence through collaboration.

Yes! We appreciate that 1-1 tuition can be expensive, which is why we also provide group sessions to students at a much lower price.