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Are you in need of a GCSE Science tutor? The Exam Tutor offers online GCSE Science tutoring for your examination. Every one of our online Science lessons are conducted by a highly certified, well seasoned, and DBS-vetted Science tutor with a demonstrated history of exam success.

  • Qualified, DBS checked, highly experienced GCSE Science tutors
  • Targeted group tuition proven to boost GCSE Science exam results
  • 1-2-1 tuition includes free online Science learning material

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Why choose us for your Online GCSE Science Tutor?

We understand how important exams can be, that’s why our tuition service is designed to be the perfect fit for you.


Discounted Qualifications

Our team of exam experts provides free education consultancy on your future, as well as discounts on selected online Science exams, qualifications, and courses.


Extra Learning Material

Feel like you may need more? All 1-2-1 GCSE Science tuition comes with free access to market leading premium online learning material.


Quality Guarantee

Unhappy with how it went? We promise your money back on your first GCSE Science lesson if you aren’t satisfied with our service.


Extra Support

Feel like you need extra support? All of our students gain access to an exclusive community of learners and exam students.

Our Products & Services

Whatever you may need in the build up to your GCSE Science exam, our team of exam experts can find the perfect fit for you.

1-to-1 Tuition £40
Available as low as £30 per lesson
Focused learning tailored to your exam
Delivered by qualified UK Science teachers
DBS checked and qualified tutors
Personalised Learning Pathway
A free consultation with one of our Exam Experts
A mixture of 1-2-1 and Group Tuition
A full tuition package tailored to your exam needs
Online course material, exam booking services, marking services and more
Group Tuition £25 £20
Available as low as £10 per lesson
Groups of 5-10 students of similar abilities
Delivered by qualified UK Science teachers
Focus sessions chosen by our exam experts to pass your Exam

Exam success is just around the corner.

We’ve sculpted a unique approach to guiding students through their GCSE English journey. Begin with our GCSE English Walkthrough for a strong foundation, test your mettle with our Knowledge Testing Seminars as you progress, and polish your skills with our comprehensive 5-Hour Exam Technique Masterclass as exams approach. Crucially, every learning group we form is meticulously curated, blending students’ current abilities with their exam aspirations, ensuring an enriching and personalised experience.

How do we guarantee quality in our GCSE Science tutors?

Every one of our GCSE Science tutors has undergone DBS checks, holds qualifications, and boasts extensive experience in their respective subject domains. Our team of examination experts, with more than a decade of industry know-how, will match you with a tutor tailored to your distinct requirements as you approach your GCSE Science exam. Whether you seek to acquire new knowledge, test your existing understanding, or master exam techniques, our GCSE Science tutors will methodically break down any challenging topic and guide you every step of the way. No matter your needs, our online Science tutors are dedicated to enhancing your grades, and if you find no progress after the initial lesson, it’s on us!

  • Highly qualified, experienced and DBS checked Science tutors

  • Both the combined and all three single award GCSE subjects available

  • All of our lessons are focused towards improving grades and passing your Science exam.

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What are the benefits of online GCSE Science tuition?

All our online GCSE Science tutors employ interactive whiteboards for collaborative engagement, question sharing, and progression through worksheets. These sessions are delivered through internet platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, or similar video call software. This ensures that our online education occurs in real-time, offering the convenience of learning from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to this flexibility, our adept Science exam tutors are at your disposal whenever you require their assistance. Additionally, we can provide cost-effective rates compared to the face-to-face equivalent without compromising on the quality, as our expert tutors continue to deliver all our lessons.

  • Calm and comfortable learning environment

  • Highly flexibility service

  • Lower price gaurantee

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Explore our other subjects

Our service provides a range of expert tutors for different  subjects. If you feel like you may need help picking the one that suits you the most, get in touch to organise a free online phone consultation with our exam experts.

What are your GCSE Science online tuition options?

Three primary Science exam online tuition options are at your disposal. We recognise that individual learning preferences vary, and our services have been meticulously designed to accommodate these differences. For those who thrive with dedicated attention and structured lessons tailored to their chosen topics, our 1-2-1 tuition packages offer an ideal solution. On the other hand, if you’re a social learner who enjoys sharing ideas, discussing questions with fellow students, and looking to save on costs, group tuition might be the better fit. However, if you believe a combination of both options suits your needs, our examination experts will customise your learning pathway during a complimentary educational consultancy session. Regardless of your choice, rest assured that we will consistently deliver top-quality sessions led by experienced tutors who have undergone DBS checks.

  • 1-2-1 sessions with structured learning plan

  • Group focus sessions of similar ability 5-10 learners

  • Personalised learning pathway tailored to individual needs

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our tutors are qualified, and have lots of experience.

Yes! All of our tutors are DBS checked, qualified, and have lots of experience with GCSE maths tuition online.

We may be able to offer in-person tuition if you are based in North Yorkshire. Get in touch!

Our GCSE online tuition lessons are delivered in real time, via google meets, zoom, or another video call software, with an interactive virtual whiteboard so you can show your working out to the tutor, and the tutor can use it to explain things. They are very similar to in-person lessons, just on the screen.

The group lessons are delivered by 1 tutor, to between 5 and 10 learners. Learners are grouped by similar abilities, with similar topics they struggle with. Learners that take group sessions like the friendly atmosphere, and tend to learn from other students and build their own confidence through collaboration.

Yes! We appreciate that 1-1 tuition can be expensive, which is why we also provide group sessions to students at a much lower price.