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Are you looking for an A level Maths tutor? The Exam Tutor provides expert quality online tuition for students preparing for A level Maths and Further Maths. Every online session we offer is led by highly experienced, qualified, and DBS checked tutor with a wealth of experience in A level Mathematics

  • Maths and Further Maths: qualified, DBS checked, highly experienced tutors
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Why choose us as your online A Level Maths Tutor?

Our service differs from those you typically encounter on prominent ‘Find a Tutor’ platforms. Unlike Peer-to-Peer tuition services, we ensure that all our tutors are highly experienced, DBS checked and qualified teachers. We understand how important A level exams can be in determining your future, and for this reason, we will not entrust the responsibility of this in the hands with inexeprienced tutors. Our tutors have a profound understanding of the challenges A Level students commonly face, and are adept at predicting the types of questions that will surface during examinations. Equipped with this knowledge, our tutors empower students to cultivate self-assurance in their mathematical abilities. We are well-versed in the intricate methods examiners employ when grading assessments. Above all, our extensive experience has afforded us a comprehensive insight into what it truly takes to excel in this course, as we’ve witnessed countless students under our guidance achieve exceptional results.

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Online A Level Maths Tutor

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Whatever you may need in the build up to your A Level Maths exam, we can help.

1 Lesson £45
Initial ability assessment
DBS checked Expert Tutors
Online A Level Tutor
3 Lessons £ £119
Structured 3 lesson block
3 hours of intensive focus
Highly flexible booking service
5 Lessons £ £200
5 hours at £40 per hour
Expert DBBS checked tutors
Money back promise

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Tuition focused on results day success.

Each of our GCSE Maths tutors is not only DBS-checked and highly qualified, but also brings a rich depth of knowledge in their subject. With over ten years of experience, our team of exam experts is adept at pairing you with a tutor who is uniquely suited to your specific needs for GCSE Maths exam preparation. Our focus is firmly on results day success. Our tutors are here to enhance your skills, evaluate your current knowledge level, and refine your exam strategies. They are committed to systematically addressing challenging topics and offering consistent support. Our goal is to significantly boost your performance and ensure you’re well-prepared for results day. Plus, we stand by our promise of noticeable improvement – if you don’t see progress after your first lesson, it’s on us.

  • DBS checked online A level tuition

  • Tuition includes exam day strategies

  • Targeted revision to boost exam performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our tutors are qualified, DBS checked, and have lots of experience.

We may be able to offer in-person tuition if you are based in North Yorkshire. Get in touch!

The group lessons are delivered by 1 tutor, to between 5 and 10 learners. Learners are grouped by similar abilities, with similar topics they struggle with. Learners that take group sessions like the friendly atmosphere, and tend to learn from other students and build their own confidence through collaboration.

Yes! All of our tutors are DBS checked, qualified, and have lots of experience with GCSE maths tuition online.

Our GCSE online tuition lessons are delivered in real time, via google meets, zoom, or another video call software, with an interactive virtual whiteboard so you can show your working out to the tutor, and the tutor can use it to explain things. They are very similar to in-person lessons, just on the screen.

Yes! We appreciate that 1-1 tuition can be expensive, which is why we also provide group sessions to students at a much lower price.