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TET Team 26 June 2024

Functional skills examinations are vital to the UK education system because they grant important certifications in mathematics and English. These exams are valued by educational institutions and companies alike because they provide students with real-world skills that are necessary for success in the workplace and in ordinary daily situations. The significance of functional skills tests, their structure, and how Pass Functional Skills may support you in achieving your academic and professional objectives are all covered in this article from The Exam Tutor.


Unlike the conventional academic exams which might be more detailed and precise, functional skills courses concentrate on the practical application of basic English and Maths in real-life circumstances. The emphasis on applying knowledge to common activities in these tests makes them extremely relevant to both the demands of the workplace and daily life.


Why choose functional skills?

Enrolling in a functional skills course has several important advantages. These credentials enhance one’s employability by attesting to one’s proficiency in communication, problem-solving, and numeracy. As a Level 2 functional skills certificate is frequently necessary for apprenticeships and further education programmes, they also improve opportunities for continued study. These abilities are also helpful in day-to-day tasks including contract negotiation, digital communication comprehension, and money management.


Exam Levels and Format

Three levels are available from Pass Functional Skills to accommodate multiple skill levels:


Entry Level 3: Covering basic abilities, this level is perfect for novices.

Level 1: Prepares students for increasingly difficult assignments; comparable to a grade 2/3 (E/D) in GCSEs.

Level 2: This level is highly respected and can be used as an alternative to GCSEs in further education and work. It is comparable to a grade 4 or C, a passing grade, at GCSE.


Exam Elements



The English exam measures your ability to read, write, talk, and listen. Exams for writing and reading are given online and usually run for an hour each. During the speaking and listening portion of the test, candidates present in groups and have conversations.



There are two portions to the maths exam: one that permits calculators and the other that does not. Both portions are included in a single test, as opposed to being distinct GCSE papers. Two hours are made up of thirty minutes for the non-calculator component and ninety minutes for the calculator section.


Flexible and Convenient Exam Scheduling

These tests may be taken online year-round, Monday through Saturday, giving you flexible scheduling options to accommodate your obligations. Pass Functional Skills is aware of how important flexibility is for time-pressed students.

Functional skill evaluations lead to new prospects and personal development. Pass Functional Skills is here to help, whether your goals are to advance your schooling, strengthen your employability, or improve your fundamental abilities. Our exam tactics are effective, supportive, and flexible, providing you with the opportunity to uncover your potential and achieve your objectives.

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