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TET Team 7 June 2024

English and maths proficiency are essential in today’s fiercely competitive job market. Whether your goals are to apply to colleges, pursue an apprenticeship, or find employment, becoming certified in Functional Skills can help you get there. We at The Exam Tutor endorse the functional skills courses offered by Pass Functional Skills. One company that provides a wealth of resources to help you achieve academic success is Pass Functional Skills.


Understanding Functional Skills

Functional skills are the English and maths skills that businesses and educational institutions consider essential. Acquiring these certifications certifies one’s competence in fundamental abilities, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication, which are essential for success in both the classroom and the workplace.


Advantages of Online Functional Skills Courses

There are accessible and adaptable online courses available for functional skills. The courses offered by Pass Functional Skills are ideal for students with busy schedules because they let them complete them at their own speed. The courses assist you by monitoring your progress and identifying areas of difficulty.


Courses Offered by Pass Functional Skills

You will acquire the knowledge and abilities required to progress in your career by enrolling in Pass Functional Skills’ extensive English and maths courses. Study guides, practice tests, and hundreds of questions are included with every course. It is recommended that you complete the initial assessments and subject knowledge tests before beginning the course in order to assist you in selecting the appropriate level and topics. Government guidelines are followed in the organisation of the topics, and topic assessments, practice questions, and video tutorials are provided to make sure that each concept is fully understood.


Functional Skills Equivalents

GCSE maths and English (or equivalent) are frequently needed for jobs, apprenticeships, or university programs. While functional skills qualifications offer a more efficient path, GCSE exams remain an option. As a practical replacement for traditional in-person exams, Pass Functional Skills provides year-round online exams. In GCSE terms, a level 2 functional skills certificate is comparable to a C/4.



Functional skills courses are an accommodating option for individuals considering alternative career paths or pursuing higher education. The Pass Functional Skills courses will equip you with the knowledge and abilities you need to ace your exams and proceed confidently. They also offer nationally recognized credentials that may open up new opportunities.

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